Community Outreach

The Community Outreach Program enables local organizations to obtain copies of the citations and sketches of leaders originating in their county, region, or district from the Ontario Agricultural Hall of Fame and display them as a means of paying tribute to their outstanding local agricultural leaders.

Since 2008, Community Outreach Program agreements have been implemented with Ottawa Seed Valley Growers Association and Kemptville Campus; Perth County Federation on Agriculture and Perth County Museum; Wellington County Federation of Agriculture and Wellington County Museum and Archives; Huron County Museum and Historic Goal and Huron County Federation of Agriculture and Kent Agricultural Hall of Fame. Click links above to view Community Outreach Programs in these communities.

This program offers a win-win to all participants. It is a very cost effective way for local communities to create an educational display depicting the role that local leaders have played in advancing the agriculture/food industry and improving the quality of life in rural Ontario. It also enables the Ontario Agricultural Hall of Fame to give broader public recognition to the lasting legacies of these outstanding men and women.

Please review theĀ  Memorandum of Understanding to see the terms and conditions of the Community Outreach Program.

To establish a tribute to local agriculture/rural leaders in your community, simply contact us.