Charles G. Munro

(1916 - 1997)

Inducted in 1994

Origin: Oxford County

Nominated by: Ontario Federation of Agriculture

Specialty: Organizations

A leader in agricultural organizations since his youth, Charles Munro has represented the farmers of Ontario on a local, provincial, national and international basis. He held executive positions with the Junior Farmers, West Zorra and Embro Agricultural Society and Oxford Holstein Breeders’ Association. He was a member of the Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement Association and the Federation of Agriculture and was recognized as a strong leader and eloquent spokesperson committed to the organization of agriculture. Charles Munro served as President of the Oxford Federation of Agriculture 1956-57, Ontario Federation of Agriculture 1967-1969, Canadian Federation of Agriculture 1969-78 and the International Federation of Agriculture 1972-74.

Charles Munro’s consulting and advisory work demonstrate his knowledge of the industry and the respect he has received both provincially and nationally. At home, he contributed to the development of the Co-op Insurance Association of Guelph and later became its President. Charles Munro represented producers as a member of the Advisory Board of the Canadian Farm Credit Corporation and Canadian Grains Council. Internationally, Charles Munro has represented the farmers of Ontario and Canada around the world. As delegate and member of international trade and development organizations, he has shared the wealth of his experience and knowledge to better the lives and prosperity of farmers.

Charles Munro was a Mason and served his community as an Elder in the Presbyterian Church and Director of the S. Easthope Farm Mutual Insurance Company. He has been awarded the Canada Centennial Medal for his outstanding contributions to the betterment of our quality of life.