Charles McInnis

(1896 - 1977)

Inducted in 1980


Nominated by: Ontario Pork Producers' Marketing Board

Specialty: Co-operatives, Livestock - Swine, Organizations

Charles McInnis had a dream that farmers could have greater power in the marketplace and he became a tireless and dedicated advocate of that idea. He became one of the executives of the Ontario Federation of Agriculture in 1937, a board member of the Ontario Concentrated Milk Producers’ League in 1938 and the founding President of the Ontario Hog Producers’ Co-operative Sales Agency. He served as President for its entire existence of six years. He also served as a Director on the Marketing Board for five years. In 1960 he became President of the Farmers’ Allied Meat Enterprises.

With his personal magnetism, his platform style, his abounding enthusiasm, Mr. McInnis instilled a spirit of co-operation among livestock farmers and carried his dream of a hog marketing scheme to completion against tremendous odds. Charles McInnis set the foundations for marketing farm products in Ontario.