Duncan O. Bull

(1878 - 1950)

Inducted in 1988

Origin: Peel Region

Nominated by: Ontario Jersey Club

Specialty: Livestock - Dairy

An eminent farmer and breeder of Jersey cattle, Duncan Bull’s “Brampton Jerseys” were famous worldwide. “D. O.’s” breeding program, mating imports from the Island of Jersey with his own fine animals, produced a world-renowned line of stock. Brampton Basilua, a famous example of his breeding work, set the world’s record over all breeds for butterfat production in 1936 and subsequently established the most popular family the Jersey breed ever produced. A promoter of the excellent qualities of Jersey cattle, Duncan Bull played a key role in establishing the Jersey as a significant breed within the dairy industry.

D. O. Bull was active in the agricultural community. A founder, charter member and third President of the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, he did much to promote and ensure the competitive excellence and high quality of Canadian agricultural products. An expert in the area of dairy cattle, Duncan Bull was an honoured member and twice President of the Canadian Jersey Cattle Club.