Emily J. Guest

(1871 - 1936)

Inducted in 1985

Origin: Middlesex County

Nominated by: Federated Women's Institutes of Ontario

Specialty: Women’s Institute

One of the pioneers of Women’s Institute work in Canada, Emily Guest was also well known as a writer, lecturer and a staunch worker for peace. Born on a farm in Middlesex County, she took advanced university degrees in an age when very few women did so.

Miss Guest organized local Women’s Institutes and in so doing, encouraged women to use their own talents. Throughout her career she visited practically every Women’s Institute district in Ontario.

In 1916 she went to England where she was appointed Canadian representative of the British Red Cross. In 1917 she transferred to the Agricultural Organization Society in Great Britain and travelled throughout England, Wales and Scotland organizing Women’s Institutes.

Returning to Ontario, Miss Guest continued to serve as an executive giving special attention to programs and to Junior Women’s Institutes.

Through her writing, her lectures and her strong leadership, this remarkable woman made an immeasurable contribution to the growth of the Women’s Institute nationally and internationally.