Frederick William Cohoe

(1917 - 1979)

Inducted in 1987

Origin: Oxford County

Nominated by: Ciba-Geigy Canada Limited, Ontario Soil and Crop Association

Specialty: Livestock - Dairy, Organizations

An outstanding farmer and businessman in Oxford County, Fred Cohoe successfully used new technology on his own farm and introduced it to others in the agricultural community. He was constantly improving his knowledge of the agricultural industry by visiting other farms, consulting with experts, reading and attending conferences. Because he was always seeking to improve, Fred Cohoe accomplished outstanding performances in milk production, pasture improvement, beef production and commercial corn.

In 1935, Fred returned from the Kemptville Agricultural School to farm at Burgessville, Ontario. He gradually improved and expanded his dairy herd and acreage so that in 1970 his farming operation reached 800 acres. Mr. Cohoe mechanized crop harvesting, and mobile crop baling and was a proponent of high intensity pasture management.

Active around the Province and in his community, he served as President of Oxford Soil and Crop Improvement Association, and the Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement Association. He was a member of Ontario Farm Machinery Advisory Board and Chairman of Ontario Farm Credit Appeal Board. He was Director, Norwich District Co-operative and Chairman, Norwich Area School Board. In 1974, Fred Cohoe received the OAC Centennial Medal.