Harvey John Graham

Year of birth: 1935

Inducted in 2018

Origin: Durham Region

Nominated by: Beef Farmers of Durham Region

Specialty: Livestock - Beef, Organizations

Harvey Graham owns Breezy Acres Farms with his wife and son. From 1959 to 1983, it was a dairy and cash crop farm which then morphed into the beef cattle business it is today.

Harvey is known for his solid commitment to the agriculture industry locally, provincially and nationally, and in particular he has made tremendous contributions to the Ontario beef industry. From 1990 to 1996, he served on the Board of the Ontario Cattlemen’s Association (now Beef Farmers of Ontario) and in his leadership role, a number of initiatives were undertaken to enhance the growth and stability of the beef industry. For example, in 1990, he helped to establish The Ontario Feeder Cattle Loan Guarantee Program to provide low interest loans to farmers and currently provides beef farmers with access to $130 million in affordable financing for business expansion. In 1996, he was instrumental in establishing the Environmental Stewardship Award to recognize cattle producers’ leadership in conservation and best stewardship practices.

Having helped to forge the Ontario Cattlemen’s Association into a strong voice for producers, Harvey ensured the organization received a fair share from the sale of the Toronto Stockyards property. He firmly supported Ontario’s Bull Evaluation Centres, and he facilitated co-operation between Beef Improvement Ontario and the Canadian Beef Improvement Association.

At other levels, Harvey Graham was a leader who advocated for programs to enhance the environmental, social and economic sustainability within Ontario’s and Canada’s cattle industry. As the OCA Director to the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association, he was very involved in the GATT trade issues discussions as well as the issues surrounding the countervailing actions against the Canadian beef industry. He relentlessly encouraged producers to institute the latest management practices to enhance herd health, marketing, accounting and the environment. He helped to implement the National beef check-off to fund promotion, advertising and research in support of the beef industry. He also vigorously encouraged farm support for coalitions such as OFAC, AGCare and Farm & Food Care.

Harvey Graham spent his whole career as an agricultural advocate to accomplish the goal of a sustainable future for the beef industry in Ontario and Canada, and is a worthy inductee into the Ontario Agricultural Hall of Fame.