James Bowman

(1863 - 1944)

Inducted in 1981

Origin: Wellington County

Nominated by: Ontario Aberdeen Angus Association

Specialty: Livestock - Beef, Livestock - Horses

An outstanding breeder of Aberdeen Angus cattle, James Bowman established his herd in 1891 on his Elm Park farm near Guelph, Ontario. A superb judge of the breed, he was chosen to select the foundation stock after the Canadian herd books were destroyed by fire in 1891. In 1902, he began his importations from Scotland. Several times president of the Ontario and the Canadian Aberdeen Angus Associations, he was honourary president at his death.

Mr. Bowman was a major contributor to the improvement or Suffolk sheep. With one of the largest flocks in America, he supplied up to 300 breeding rams a season. He was the only American honourary member of the English Suffolk Society. He also took great pride in his registered Clydesdale horses.

James Bowman served the livestock industry faithfully and well for' 34 years as a director of the Canadian National Exhibition and nearly as long as a director of both the Provincial Winter Fair of Guelph and the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in Toronto. He won grand championships in almost every major show in America. In his community he served as a school trustee for 27 years and as a church elder. A great stockman and a fine gentleman, Mr. Bowman's integrity and ability had a profound influence on all those with whom he associated.