Norman McCully

(1899 - 1978)

Inducted in 1983

Origin: Perth County

Nominated by: Ontario Sheep Association

Specialty: Livestock - Sheep, Organizations

Norman Garfield McCully, born near St. Mary’s, Ontario, epitomized all that is good in rural leadership. A breeder of good livestock, a pioneer in new field crops like grain corn, a teacher for rural short courses and leader for Junior Farmers and 4-H Clubs, his influence in his community was very great. He was a popular judge of both livestock and field crops. He served as school trustee and assessor. Deeply concerned about soil conservation, he planted trees, long before this was popular.

A major effort was the improvement of Suffolk sheep as his flock provided foundation stock to flocks in several countries as well as Canada. He was a pioneer in the artificial insemination (AI) of dairy cattle and the first AI calf born into any commercial herd in Ontario was in his Holstein-Friesians. His herd was one of the first in Record Of Performance testing.

A graduate in the Diploma Course of the Ontario Agricultural College in 1923, he believed in bringing practical education to rural young people and devoted his life to teaching, coaching and working with young farm people.