William Harvey Beaty

(1916 - 1994)

Inducted in 2018

Origin: Oxford County

Nominated by: George P. Campbell

Specialty: Agri-business, Crops, Livestock, Organizations

William Beaty was the founder and chairman of Cold Springs Farm Ltd., an enterprise that he started in 1949 in Thamesford on 100 acres. By 1994, it had grown to include 60 farms and nearly 9000 acres for producing hogs, turkeys, chickens, beef cattle and crops, along with a feed mill, grain elevators, processing plant, fertilizer plant and more.

Harvey was renowned for his business acumen, his concern for the environment, his support for Supply Management and his generosity towards countless people and organizations, a generosity which continues today through the Erma and Harvey Beaty Endowment Fund.

He was always a business person interested in quality and efficiency. The feed mill was built to meet nutrient specifications for all species. The rendering and waste water treatment plants were built to ensure proper care of the environment. The compost plant developed new markets for nutrient rich animal waste. The construction, automotive and fabrication shops all contributed to efficient management of a growing enterprise, as did the processing and rendering plants. Cold Springs Grain Terminal offered storage capacity for local farmers to improve service and reduce feed costs. Cold Springs Agri Services (now Sylvite Agri Services) helped drive down the costs of fertilizer for farmers.

Alongside this massive business growth, Harvey was very involved with several agricultural organizations including the Poultry Products Institute of Canada and the Agricultural Committee for the Economic Council of Canada. He also served as a Director on the Ontario Federation of Agriculture, a Director of the Poultry Industry Council, a Director of the Poultry Industry Conference and Exhibition, a Director of the Ontario Egg Producers’ Marketing Board and a Director of the Ontario Turkey Producers’ Marketing Board.

He was responsible for creating thousands of jobs in Ontario and innovating in the fields of product development, swine and poultry genetics and production quality. He received numerous awards in recognition of his incredible output, including the Certificate of Merit medallion from the Government of Canada in 1988, and the Centennial Gold Medal for Services to Agriculture in Ontario in 1988. Harvey was the first Patron of the Poultry Industry Centre for Research and Education in 1991, and in 1995 he was inducted into the Canadian Agricultural Hall of Fame.

William Harvey Beaty is an excellent addition to the Ontario Agricultural Hall of Fame.